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Investment Approach – World Trade Fund

Investment Approach

We are leading providers of investment services to the commodity trading industry and we value the privileged position given to us by the major commodity producers in the world.

We are also proud to provide investment services to the major commodity buyers worldwide, bringing additional security to the trade transaction among parties involved, while increasing capital reach for the commodity producers resulting in assurance to the commodity buyer of delivery of product and continuance of production for commodity products in high demand.

We put our efforts on delivering results through quality commodity trading portfolios with a strong risk focus. We take a patient, prudent, long-term approach to investing and we have a genuine commitment to enhancing the industrious capacity of commodity producers guaranteeing commodity buyers with sustainable and viable product delivery.

Focus on Investors

While providing the ability for the individual growth of clients, our focus is on our shareholders. We aim for the highest return of investment while maintaining the lowest infrastructure possible without losing focus on important risk factors. Management fees and administrative costs kept to a minimum without sacrificing procedures and steps to insure the success of all transactions. Constantly negotiating financial instruments and operational credit costs, while covering every trade for credit and for performance thru AAA insurance carriers. The result of this mix is higher margins and profitable returns for shareholders.

History of Success

Commodity businesses are hand down from one generation to the other. The trading business started in the beginning of the world, and every year and every trade is getting more and more sophisticated. Some of our shareholders are family owned businesses that are producing commodities for over 50 years, and some of their clients are buying from them for over 25 years. Long-term relationship in the commodity trade is very common and more secure as procedures and financial instruments are created and adopted. Our fund takes advantage of this trustworthy relationship among commodity producers and buyers, while continuing to follow adopted procedures and steps to ensure payment and delivery of product.

Unique Ownership

We are fortunate to have a unique ownership, which is mainly composed of our major clients, the commodity producers and buyers. The aligned interest in mutual success, results in business growth and greater return of investment for all parties involved. Mutual dependability of shareholders and clients and the need for sustainable and long-term deliver of product provides the fund with more security and assurance over investments, and because most of the time clients are also shareholders, the maximization of the fund profits is a non-issue.

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